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Voices Being Heard

In 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses failed. However, many businesses were created during the devastating time in our world. One of those businesses is Blaq Voices.

Blaq Voices is a platform where African-Americans can be featured for their talents. We welcome black podcasters and YouTubers to list their shows on BlaqVoices.com. We plan to offer other mediums for black people in the future.

Along with Blaq Voices, we created a social media platform, Blaq People, to rival the juggernaut known as Facebook. Blaq People is still in beta and is scheduled to launch in Q1 of 2021.

Lastly, we developed another site to list businesses, titled Blaq Businesses. This platform is very similar to Blaq Voices in that it is a site with listings. Where it differs at is that it is designed for people to locate and leave/read reviews for black businesses in their community.

Blaq Voices’ mission is to be a central platform for black people and black businesses to visit for any of their needs.

Along with the listings, we offer web solutions such as website design and hosting for podcasters. We hope to be able to assist musicians, YouTubers, and more with their website needs soon.

That’s that! If you need more information, or have a question, feel free to click the contact button below.